Frequently Asked Questions 

What size ball do I need for my trailer?

  •  A single axle trailer will be a 2” ball and a tandem axle trailer will be a 2 5/16” ball.

Will my trailer have electric brakes?

  • All tandem axle trailers will have electric brakes on both axles. Single axle trailers do not have brakes unless upgraded.

How do I pay?

  • We accept the deposit with a credit/debit card. The remaining balance can be paid with a cashier’s check, cash, or a wire transfer. Due to credit card fraud, we do not take cards over the phone for full balance. For full payment with a card, customers must be in person with proper ID.

What do I need at pickup?

  • You will need the correct ball size (tandem axle = 2 5/16” ball, single axle = 2” ball). You will also need a 4-way lug wrench. For safety, always tighten your lug nuts before leaving, re-check at 50 miles, then re-check at 100 miles.

What are your hours?

  • Our enclosed trailer pickup location in Douglas, GA is open Monday – Friday 8AM – 4PM. For picking up a dump trailer from our office in Pearson, GA we are open Monday- Friday 8AM – 5PM.

Do you In-House Finance Cargo Trailers?

How much weight can I haul in my trailer?

Do you have your own delivery company?

What are the measurements for my trailer?

Do I need a license to pull my trailer?

  • Check your state laws and regulations page. Each state is different.

V-Nose or Flat Nose?

  • A v-nose will add extra length for your trailer. The V-nose will add approximately 2’ to your interior length. A flat nose is used often with concession trailers and race trailers. V-nose or Flat Nose is simply a personal preference.

What are trailer terms?

  • SA = Single Axle
  • TA = tandem axle
  • GVWR = gross vehicle weight rating
  • ATP = aluminum tread plate (aluminum diamond plate)
  • O/C = distance from one support to the next (16” O/C walls, 16” O/C flooring, 24” O/C ceiling)

Drop Leaf Spring Axles vs. Torsion Axles?

  • Drop spring axles have a 6 Year Warranty with Lippert Components. They are slightly cheaper and easier to repair or replace. Torsion axles will provide a smoother ride, independent suspension, offers an 11-year warranty, and a lower ride height. Ask one of our Sales Reps which would work best for you. 912-422-7092

How thick is your mainframe?

  • On our enclosed trailers, all of our mainframes will be 11-gauge thickness. We use a thicker mainframe vs. competitors.

Are your prices on the website accurate?

  • Yes, our website is up to date on pricing 99.99% of the time.

Do I need an extended tongue for my enclosed cargo trailer?

  • An extended tongue is definitely an asset and a good option to have. The extended tongue is a MUST for towing a trailer with an RV or behind a camper. The extended tongue will reduce the chance of jack-knifing your trailer and will allow you to turn sharper.

Does a spare tire come with my trailer?

  • Spare tires are not included with purchases. We do not have spare tires included in our pricing. (If a company “gives” you a spare tire, they have the extra tire cost figured in the total).

Does Rock Solid Cargo build race trailers?

  • Yes, we can help customize a Rock Solid enclosed race trailer for you. Contact us to begin the process: 1-912-422-7092

How much does the trailer tongue weigh?

  • The tongue weight is approximately 9-15% of the trailer weight.

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Why buy a Trailer from Rock Solid Cargo US?

  • We are a family owned and operated business and it is our goal to treat customers with the upmost respect and to provide the best trailer experience possible. We keep the buying process simple.  We have no dealer fees or hidden extra charges.

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